Janet Abbate

Assistant Professor,
Science and Technology in Society,

Virginia Tech

email: abbate "at" computer.org

History of Computing and the Internet

I have been researching and writing on the history of the Internet since 1988. The development of computer networks from 1960 to the early 1990s is the subject of my book Inventing the Internet, which was published by the MIT Press in 1999. The book is based in part on my 1994 University of Pennsylvania doctoral dissertation, "From ARPANET to Internet," which is available from University Microforms.

I have also worked on Internet policy issues as part of the Harvard School of Government's Information Infrastructure Project, where I co-edited a book on Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure.

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History of Women in Computing


My current research project is a history of women in computing in the United States and Britain since World War II. This project draws on oral history interviews with over fifty women who were active in computer science departments and the software industry. This research has been supported in part by NSF grant #0080777.

Web Links: History of Computing, the Internet, and Women in Computing

IEEE History Center - This site features historical articles and searchable oral history interviews.

Charles Babbage Institute - The Charles Babbage Institute has a rich archival collection, including oral histories of many Internet pioneers.

Requests for Comments (RFCs) - Historic and ongoing documentation of the technical development of the Internet.

Internet Society History Page - The Internet Society's history page features firsthand accounts by the creators of the Internet as well as links to other historical sites.

ACM Committee on Women in Computing (ACM-W) - Provides a wealth of information on women in computing, some of it historical.

The Ada Project (TAP) - "A clearinghouse for information and resources related to women in computing"

Association for Women in Computing Augusta Ada Lovelace Award - Given each year to an outstanding woman in computing.

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing - "A world class technical conference for women in the field of Computer Science providing a forum to inspire, educate, encourage and create awareness of opportunities for women in the field of computing and to celebrate the considerable achievement of women in the field."


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